Japanese Tattoo Art
The designs are based on traditional Japanese arts.They are born from a sensitivity unique to the Japanese culture.The decorative beauty from the traditional arts lives on in this modern arrangement in graphic design motif.


It is said that in ancient Japan, when a person dies, they become a butterfly and rise to heaven.The appearance of the butterfly which flaps towards heaven, exceeding the seas and clouds, is said to be gorgeous and beautiful.
Japanese Tattoo Art butterfly01  


With courtesy and respect, a samurai swears absolute loyalty to his master.Even with high respect for discipline and control, a samurai is full of passion. The samurai is simply pure and beautiful.
Japanese Tattoo Art samurai01 Japanese Tattoo Art samurai02


The Dragon is a god of the water. After the Dragon makes the rain fall for the emperor, the dragon dies.Brave and beautiful, when the Dragon strives up to the sky, taking it's own life to make the rain fall.
Japanese Tattoo Art dragon01 Japanese Tattoo Art dragon02


The Lion which runs wildly, repels all evil spirits.With the wild and massive hair, it's appearance is strong and beautiful.

Japanese Tattoo Art lion01 Japanese Tattoo Art lion02


The Phoenix, a heavenly existance with eternal life. The appearance of the phoenix flapping with wings spread wide is as beautiful as heaven itself.
Japanese Tattoo Art phoenix01 Japanese Tattoo Art phoenix02

 The Goddess of Mercy

The Goddess of Mercy saves ones around the world who are suffering from a troubled life.A deeply merciful god. Her face is gentle and full of beautiful warmth.
Japanese Tattoo Art god of mercy01 Japanese Tattoo Art god of mercy02


Caught in the world of deception, the Wolf is beast of loneliness.The Wolf which shines gold, illuminated by the moon light, appears isolated and beautiful.

Japanese Tattoo Art god of mercy01


The Crane is the spirit of longevity.It appears many stories and tales as the heroine of tragedy. It is beatiful and sorrowful with pure white feathers and such thin legs.
Japanese Tattoo Art crane01 Japanese Tattoo Art crane02



Ukiyo-e artists were very popular from the end of the Edo Period to the Meiji Period.Not only popular in Japan, Ukiyo-e which portrayed heroic warriors have seen popularity even outside of Japan.
Yoshitoshi, who was the last ukiyo-e artist had a big influenced to the start of Japanese modern arts.